Orthodontics without braces?

Are orthodontics possible without brackets? Imagine the following situation, you are getting married in 6 months and you want to have…

  • White teeth;
  • Straight teeth;
  • And without braces.

Several methods have to be followed so your teeth look white and well aligned, which teeth whitening and orthodontics can solve. The problem consists that if you want to attend your wedding without braces and within 6 months, we have the next options.

  1. Lingual braces.
    Lingual braces are an excellent treatment option for when you want to have braces, but you do not want them to be visible each time you smile. Even though they are an excellent option, this treatment presents some limitations. For example, if the patient has a deep bite in which inferior teeth get close to the palate when biting, it will be impossible to use this kind of braces, since it is exactly there where they have to be placed.

  2. Dental veneers
    Lately, dental veneers have become more popular. There is even a lot of information on the internet about this treatment, where is assured that it is no necessity to wear down the tooth. However, this is complicated, since if you do not want to wear down your tooth when getting as veneer, the adhesive at the union between the veneer and the tooth will chance the pigment of the veneer to a darker one, that is why when choosing a veneer it is necessary to slightly wear down the tooth.

  3. Invisible Orthodontics
    Thanks to rapid advancement in technology, it is possible to choose this option. The process is the following: your dentist takes a model from the patient’s dentures, then these plaster models are scanned and sent to a computer to generate a 3D model.  Through a software, teeth are moved in 10 stages, for which 10 teeth models are already taken which are printed by stereolithography (3D printing) with, which transparent dental guards are made for the patients.

Patient’s procedure is the following:

  • The patient must use the guards 23 hours each day; this means that they can only be removed for eating and brushing. They can be removed; however, this can result in a significant delay in the treatment.
  • These procedures are possible to achieve, the best option should be always the one that adapts to the patient needs and the one that reduces dental wear. So, in conclusion, it is possible to start an invisible orthodontics treatment, by a good cooperation between the patient and the dentist you will only get the best results. That is why you must only choose dental health care experts. In Somos Dental we only have the best dentists, our patients and their health are our priority.

Patients usually come with us looking for the best option for their specific case, and with confidence that they will only get the best treatment. This is both a big responsibility and honor for us since we are talking about something as important as dental health. This is why we only offer the best and most appropriate treatment that requires less wear for our patients.

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