At what age can kids get braces?

mid adult dentist with patient at dental clinic explaining at what age can kids get braces

If you have children, in particular, you may be thinking, at what age can kids get braces? or when should my child see an orthodontist?  In fact, 50 to 70% of American children and teenagers will need to wear braces before they become adults. Braces can help our children to achieve a beautiful smile, at […]

How do braces work on crooked teeth?

dentist holding dental plastic model with braces on crooked teeth

Braces on crooked teeth aren’t a brute force solution, in particular, they worked to realign teeth in a healthy and natural way, but maybe you are wondering, how do braces move teeth? Thus, orthodontic treatment uses devices to correct crowded teeth or a misaligned jaw, namely malocclusion. Usually, most patients start the treatment during adolescence, […]

What are braces made of?

beautiful woman showing what are braces made of

When you’re starting orthodontic treatment, it is common to ask, what are braces made of? To illustrate, braces can be made of different materials, but, they are commonly made of nickel, chromium, and titanium alloys.  For instance, sometimes precious metals are employed in the making of orthodontic, such as gold and sapphire.  This leads us […]

Can you eat popcorn with braces?

can you eat popcorn with braces

Normally, when you think about getting a healthy snack, the first thing that comes to your mind might be popcorn. But, probably you have the following question, can you eat movie theater popcorn with braces? Once you start orthodontic treatment, popcorn is the most common food to go on the list of things you should […]

What is the age limit for braces?

adult smile with braces

Probably, you may be thinking if there is a braces age limit, don’t worry many patients today are wondering, is there an age limit for braces?  More people than ever are considering getting orthodontic treatment to correct a bad underbite, an overbite, or crooked teeth. Anyone might feel like their teeth should be a little […]

Can braces fix asymmetrical face?

amazed excited young guy touching his face cant believe can braces fix asymmetrical face

Do braces change your face shape? The short answer is yes, braces can fix asymmetrical face. We know that braces make beautiful smiles, but braces also have other benefits, such as changing and improving the overall shape of the face.  Facial asymmetry is a problem that does not always require invasive surgeries to correct. Sometimes, […]

What should you eat after a tooth extraction?

What should you eat after a tooth extraction?

After having your dental extraction treatment, normally, your dentist tells you how you should eat the following days, which foods are better to eat and which ones you should avoid, so if you want to know in advance this type of soft diet, we will tell you what you should eat after your dental extraction.  […]

Is tooth extraction necessary for orthodontic treatment?


A common question that arises in patients is whether tooth extraction is necessary in their orthodontic treatment. To the relief of many, the answer is, not in all cases. Although it is an alternative that can be used to achieve straight teeth and a healthier bite through orthodontics. It is not always the best course […]