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At Somos Dental and Orthodontics, we specialize in affordable root canal endodontics treatment. It is a common dental procedure we perform to remove infections to save our patients’ teeth. 

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If a deep tooth infection cause inflammation impacting your nerves and soft tissue, a root canal treatment is necessary.

Our experienced endodontists will examine your teeth to evaluate if a root canal procedure can save your natural tooth. 

*Displayed Prices are Cash Only, They don’t apply with insurance.

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Toothache Relief & Recovery: Talk to Our Experts

Toothache? Don’t delay! Deep pain can arise if an infection reaches the sensitive root of your infected tooth.

Root canal therapy removes the infection and restores affected tooth. We use anesthesia and sedation options for your comfort, ensuring minimal discomfort.

The procedure is straightforward: We numb the tooth, access the infected area, and clean it thoroughly. You’ll mostly feel pressure and vibration during the process.

We’ll discuss your recovery and answer any questions you have.


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Restore your smile and tooth health. At Somos Dental, we prioritize your comfort and cost-effective dental care and our endodontic procedures.

Our skilled dentists use advanced techniques to minimize pain and get you back on track to a healthy smile.

Worried about the cost of a root canal? Schedule a free consultation to discuss your options. We accept most dental insurance plans and offer affordable root canal options in Phoenix, AZ and Dallas, TX.

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