Mouth cancer symptoms

Mouth cancer has become a common occurrence globally, that is why it is important to know the early symptoms to get better treatment. When we talk about mouth cancer we do not talk about general cancer since different types of cancers can appear in the mouth that include: Buccal cancer (inside of the cheeks). Lip […]

Everything you need to know about the dental deep-cleaning procedure

Everything you need to know about the dental deep-cleaning procedure

What is a dental deep cleaning procedure? Deep cleaning (also called SRP or scaling and root planing) is a dental procedure that consists of cleaning the teeth below the gum line to prevent or treat ongoing gum diseases. This procedure generally takes two appointments to complete, but it is necessary to improve oral health in […]

How long do braces treatments last?


We can summarize that the average duration of braces treatment is between 1 to 3 years (medium to long term), however, some dentists cannot define the exact duration because it is determined by the process and the patient’s results. Because of the above, several people decide not to wear braces because of the time they […]

Electric toothbrush vs manual: Which is better?

Regarding toothbrushes, the most important thing is to make sure to brush after each meal, and floss before going to bed. However, a common question that we hear at our dental offices is if electric or manual toothbrushes are better, and which ones we recommend. To answer briefly, we can state that both methods work […]

How do elastic rubber bands for braces work?

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Also called elastics, elastic braces bands are essentially rubber bands attached to brackets between upper and lower or front and back teeth. They are used during the bite alignment stage of your braces treatment to apply enough tension to the teeth to move them in ways according to the treatment objectives. How do elastic rubber […]

What causes tooth sensitivity to cold?


Tooth sensitivity to cold is the overstimulation of the nerves in the teeth due to substances at low temperature. Tooth sensitivity can be temporary or chronic and can affect one tooth or affect several teeth. There are two situations as to why you may have sensitive teeth. The first one is due to an unhealthy […]

What causes gum pain?

What causes gum pain?

Gum pain and gum diseases are increasing problems nowadays, but most patients do not know that gums can also get sick. Since people do not know that gums can get sick, they are often neglected as non-important since they “are not part of the teeth”. Gum pain does not mean that there is a gum […]

Types of dental caries and treatments

Types of dental caries and treatments

Dental caries, cavities, or decays are demineralization or weakening of the teeth that cause what is called a “caries lesion.” If the problem is not treated soon, the caries lesion can progress to the point where it can cause a literal hole or cavity, hence its name.  Caries can lead to several problems, such as […]

What are orthodontic retainers? How do they work?

What are orthodontic retainers?

Orthodontic treatments do not end as soon as the braces come off. After getting your teeth straightened out with dental braces, you will need to give your jawbone and teeth enough time to get them fixed into their new place. This is where retainers come in hand. Retainers (as their name imply) help to retain […]

What causes a tooth gap?


A diastema is a space or gap between two teeth. These spaces can form or appear anywhere in the mouth, but they are most noticeable between the front teeth. Some gaps can be small and not noticeable. Still, other gaps can be significant and very evident to everyone else. Hence, some people find them undesirable and even […]