DIY teeth cleaning and teeth whitening in just a few minutes?


Be careful!

We all want one of those enviable, white smiles that popular actors and actresses from Hollywood seem to have. However, we know that teeth whitening treatments can be expensive. This is the main reason that a lot of people rely on sketchy DIY videos and teeth whitening tips that can seriously and permanently damage their teeth. Here are some examples of dangerous phrases/tips:

  • DIY teeth cleaning hacks
  • DIY Teeth whitening tips
  • Tartar removal without going to the dentist
  • Cheap DIY teeth whitening tips
  • Etc.

Those titles may seem appealing and attractive especially to those who want fast results or to people who just don’t want to go to the dentist to get the proper teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, and tartar removal services. However, these DIY teeth cleaning and teeth whitening tips are usually offered by individuals who don’t have any kind of dental training. Generally, these are people who just want to write clickbait material to get money, while putting millions of people’s dental health in serious danger.


The main reason these kinds of videos, articles and posts are popular, comes down to the fact that they promise to offer the same results that you would get from professional teeth cleaning, tartar removal, or teeth whitening service. They try to make you believe that by using cheap ingredients that everyone has at their homes is the same as being in the exam chair. Some common ingredients for DIY teeth whitening procedures are:

  • Apple vinegar
  • Charcoal
  • Lemon juice
  • Baking soda
  • Diluted bleach

Dangers of going through DIY teeth cleaning procedures

Even though some of these ingredients don’t seem harmful at all, they can cause serious and even permanent damage to your dental health such as:

Slowly eroding your tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is the substance that covers your teeth and gives them their shiny white finish. The continuous (or even just a few times) exposure to these ingredients as prescribed in the average DIY teeth cleaning guide, can permanently damage your tooth enamel.

You can severely damage your gums. Since some, or even the mixture of these ingredients can result in a high-acid solution there is a good chance of gum swelling, damage to the gums, and even infection.

Increased risk of tooth sensitivity. The use of these substances can also irritate and damages your whole mouth, tooth sensitivity can start to become a problem.

Everyone should know the dangers of these so-called popular teeth cleaning, tartar removal, and teeth whitening DIY guides and tips. Don’t be fooled! And if you are looking for teeth whitening, tartar removal and teeth cleaning services, look no further than Somos Dental. We have a team of professionals with plenty of expertise. Contact us through any of the means listed on this page, or also by visiting our locations. We are located in the following 4 locations: Downtown, Desert Sky, Mesa and Camelback. Schedule an appointment right away by calling us at 623-869-1091.