Teeth cleaning and whitening in just a few minutes?

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Every one wants a Hollywood smile, but the reality is that not everyone can afford the cleaning and whitening necessary to have one. That’s why most tend to do at-home whitening through YouTube tutorials, to name one example. 

But the reality is that advice on this type of do-it-yourself style whitening tends to damage and even give sensitivity to your teeth. 

Below we will mention to you some practices that no matter how cheap they look, are not recommended at all: 

  • Teeth cleaning tricks
  • DIY tips to whiten teeth
  • Removing tartar without going to the dentist
  • Home tips for teeth whitening, among others. 

As attractive as these titles may be, the reality is that most of those who upload them are influencers without any medical training, and they themselves find these tips on websites of dubious quality, so our main recommendation is that if you really want to make teeth cleaning and whitening video, first consult the veracity with a doctor or preferably a dentist so they can advise you. 

The reason these types of videos, articles, and publications are popular is that they promise to deliver the same results you would get from professional teeth cleaning, tartar removal, or teeth whitening services. They let people believe that using inexpensive, readily available ingredients that are in everyone’s home is safe. Some common ingredients they recommend include the following:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Charcoal
  • Lemon juice
  • Baking soda
  • Common diluted bleach

Dangers of DIY (home) teeth cleaning and whitening procedures

The ingredients shown above do not appear to be harmful but not at all, these can cause serious and even permanent damage to your dental health, such as: 

Slowly erode tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is the substance that coats your teeth and gives them a shiny white finish. Continued exposure (or even a few exposures) to these ingredients as prescribed in the DIY teeth cleaning guide can permanently damage your tooth enamel.

Severely damage your gums. Since some, or the mixture of some of these ingredients, can result in substances with a high acid content, gum inflammation, gum damage, and gum infection can occur.

Increased risk of tooth sensitivity. These substances can irritate and damage the entire mouth, tooth sensitivity can begin to be a problem.

Although a Hollywood smile can be expensive, remember that at Somos Dental we have highly safe and economical alternatives.

You can contact us by calling 623-233-2201 or fill out our online form for a free initial appointment. Come to any of our six locations in Downtown Phoenix, Mesa, Camelback, Avondale, Desert Sky Mall, and Laveen to finally get the smile of your dreams.

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