Tips for brushing teeth with braces

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One of the first questions people ask once they get braces is: “How do I brush my teeth with braces?”

Usually, an orthodontist will give you detailed instructions, but you may still have some doubts about how to brush your teeth with braces.

Braces are a type of orthodontic intervention, that helps correct alignment and occlusion issues. Once someone undergoes this type of orthodontic procedure, the brushing process will become more difficult than usual. Although, the difficulties of cleaning your teeth with orthodontic appliances can be challenging at the beginning, the benefits of braces far outweigh those difficulties.

There are plenty of instruments and brushes on the market for people who have braces. Of course, you can always sufficiently clean your teeth with a traditional toothbrush, but many of the products and instruments available can help make cleaning a bit easier. These products tend to save you time and effort. The only downside is the additional expense. In this blog post we will discuss hygiene techniques, with various instruments, that will help you achieve proper cleaning of your teeth and braces.

Traditional toothbrush

To clean your braces properly your toothbrush must have a small head and soft bristles. It is important that your toothbrush meets these characteristics, because you must be able to reach all areas without damaging the dental braking mechanisms and/or your gums.


Interdental brush

Interdental brushes are specifically designed to reach difficult areas that most traditional toothbrushes cannot. These brushes come in different sizes, depending on the size of your braces or the size of your teeth. They can be carried with you for any occasion, where you may need to remove food scraps from between your teeth or braces.



One of best habits when you have braces is, flossing. If you’ve never used dental floss to clean your teeth, you may find it difficult at first. Follow this link to see the proper way to clean your teeth with dental floss.


Sonic toothbrush

This type of toothbrush is relatively new to the market. It is a toothbrush that vibrates at a speed of 40,000 times per minute. This is a very practical way to brush your teeth when you have braces.


Oral irrigator

An oral irrigator is also an excellent option for someone with braces. As previously mentioned, flossing with braces can be difficult, this is an alternative to that issue. The oral irrigator covers both the functions of the interdental brush and dental floss, because it cleans both the back and the front of your teeth.


These dental care tips and instruments can help significantly while wearing braces. At Somos Dental our experts can help you with your dental health care as well.  Come visit us at any of our 4 locations: Downtown, Desert Sky, Mesa, and Camelback. You can also schedule an appointment by calling us at 623-869-1091. Don’t risk your health, call today!

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