Affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal in Dallas, Texas: Costs and Benefits

young pretty woman putting hand cheek suffering from wisdom teeth pain with closed eyes thinking about how much does wisdom teeth removal cost in Dallas

If you live in Dallas, Texas, and you’re wondering about the cost and importance of removing your wisdom teeth, you’re in good company. In this article, we’ll explore the important aspects of wisdom teeth removal, focusing on the essential questions surrounding the procedure. Whether you’re thinking about removal for medical reasons or just want to […]

Can You Get Braces With Wisdom Teeth?

selective focus x ray picture teeth tablet to explain if can you get braces with wisdom teeth

Are you considering braces and wondering if it’s possible to have them with wisdom teeth? Next, we’ll explore common questions about wearing braces with wisdom teeth and provide you with valuable insights to help you make informed decisions for your dental health. Get 4 wisdom teeth removal starting at $999! BOOK NOW Can You Get […]

How soon can I eat ice cream after tooth extraction?

young teenage girl with sunglasses eating ice cream happy to know how soon can i eat ice cream after tooth extraction

At Somos Dental Laveen, we receive thousands of patients to pull or wisdom teeth extraction, in fact, according to the National Library of Medicine, approximately 5 million people in the United States have tooth extractions annually, but the important question here is “how soon can I eat ice cream after tooth extraction?” When you get […]

Pineapple Juice for wisdom teeth recovery, it really helps?

pineapple juice with pieces of raw pineapple to heal wisdom teeth

It is normal to have some discomfort after a wisdom teeth extraction, but there is a home remedy going viral on TikTok to help speed up the recovery, drinking pineapple juice! This dental procedure can be painful and uncomfortable due to the swelling and bleeding that occurs after the surgery. Usually, your dentist will prescribe […]

How long does it take to remove 4 wisdom teeth?

Ilustración 3D de un reloj de arena junto a una muela del juicio para representar cuanto tiempo dura extraer la muela del juicio

Wondering how long does it takes to remove 4 wisdom teeth, what happens if you don’t, and how much it cost. We’ve got you covered! we’ll explore these common questions and provide you with the essential information you need. Wisdom teeth, the last set of teeth to emerge between the ages of 17 and 30, […]

Does tooth extraction hurt?

young woman thinking does tooth extraction hurt

Does tooth extraction hurt? In fact, this is one of the main worries when patients need a tooth pulled. Certainly, there are some reasons why tooth extraction may be needed, such as: Deep infection. Severe gum disease Problems with wisdom teeth Broken tooth Orthodontics Moreover, dentists will always try to save the tooth, but sometimes […]

Why Are They Called Wisdom Teeth?

expressive young woman thinking about why are they called wisdom teeth

If you have ever experienced pain from a wisdom tooth, thus, you are probably thinking, why are they called wisdom teeth, and why do we develop if they just need to be removed?  For instance, they are formally known as the third moral, but their nickname “wisdom teeth” is much more commonly used. In particular, […]

Everything You Should Understand About Dry Socket

We know that going to the dentist to get a teeth extraction might be intimidating. We may think that lots of stuff can go wrong! In reality most of the possible consequences of getting your teeth extracted are preventable. We have talked about some of the things that can happen after a tooth extraction, you […]

Unusual Pain After a Tooth Extraction? It Maybe an Infection

Man Suffering Tooth Extraction Infection Symptoms

It’s not a secret that after a tooth extraction procedure, we can experience some pain but, how do we differentiate between normal pain and a more serious infection? Before we begin talking about tooth extraction infections, it’s important to emphasize that tooth extractions are a safe and straightforward procedure. Despite that, some complications can arise. […]

Tooth extraction aftercare instructions

tooth extraction aftercare

There are different reasons to have a tooth pulled out. The most common reason is when people need to get their wisdom teeth removed, but there are other cases when removing one or more teeth may be necessary. Sometimes the procedure itself is not the most difficult part since the aftercare can be troublesome and […]