5 Reasons to get braces

shot of teeth with braces to explain the reasons to get braces

You’re going to be surprised to discover there are more medical than cosmetic reasons to get braces. In fact, 4 million people in America are unsatisfied with their mouths, and 45% are considering getting braces. Braces help you to improve oral health, as a result, your body will feel better, in addition to achieving a […]

At what age can kids get braces?

mid adult dentist with patient at dental clinic explaining at what age can kids get braces

If you have children, in particular, you may be thinking, at what age can kids get braces? or when should my child see an orthodontist?  In fact, 50 to 70% of American children and teenagers will need to wear braces before they become adults. Braces can help our children to achieve a beautiful smile, at […]

What are braces made of?

beautiful woman showing what are braces made of

When you’re starting orthodontic treatment, it is common to ask, what are braces made of? To illustrate, braces can be made of different materials, but, they are commonly made of nickel, chromium, and titanium alloys.  For instance, sometimes precious metals are employed in the making of orthodontic, such as gold and sapphire.  This leads us […]

5 Questions to ask an orthodontist before getting braces?

Dentist with a smile answering some questions to ask an orthodontist

What to ask the orthodontist before getting braces? Did you know that over 4 million people in the U.S. wear braces? Probably are you thinking about getting braces, but there are some questions to ask an orthodontist before starting the treatment. Certainly, if you or some relative is thinking about getting orthodontic treatment, it is […]

Know the best foods to eat with braces

young girl eating a sandwich while wearing braces

To get the best results from your braces, you need to take care of them, maybe you are thinking about what are the best foods to eat with braces. As an orthodontist we always recommend making some little adjustments in your eating habits, to keep them undamaged as they align your teeth. The good news […]

What should you eat after a tooth extraction?

What should you eat after a tooth extraction?

After having your dental extraction treatment, normally, your dentist tells you how you should eat the following days, which foods are better to eat and which ones you should avoid, so if you want to know in advance this type of soft diet, we will tell you what you should eat after your dental extraction.  […]

Adult Orthodontics Treatments

Adult Orthodontics

Most Young-adults and adults have several misconceptions about investing in an orthodontic treatment. They tend to think that it does not make much sense, or they only ask about these services for aesthetic reasons, they tend to leave aside more important factors such as health and wellness. Certainly, we are wrong when we go to […]