Does It Hurt to Get Braces?

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Are you thinking about getting braces to improve your smile, but you’re worried about the pain? Don’t worry, we’ll clear things up for you. From how much it hurts to how they’re put on, so you can go to the dentist feeling prepared.

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Does It Hurt to Get Braces?

The truth is, braces don’t hurt as much as you might think. You may feel a little bit of discomfort on the day they’re put on, like when you wear new shoes.

You’ll feel pressure on your teeth and cheeks, but it’s not unbearable pain. Think of it as a long-term investment in a healthy and beautiful smile.

How Long Does It Take to Put on Braces?

Be prepared to relax in the orthodontist’s chair for a while, as putting on braces can take anywhere from one to two hours. But don’t worry, most of that time is spent cleaning your teeth and preparing them for the brackets.

The actual placement is super quick and you won’t feel a thing. In the blink of an eye, you’ll have the coolest braces smile on the block!

How are braces put on? Step-by-step

  1. Deep dental cleaning: The dentist will make sure your teeth are spotless for the brackets.
  2. Drying and isolation: Your teeth will be dried and cotton will be placed around your cheeks to keep you comfortable.
  3. Bracket placement: Using a special light, the dentist will glue each bracket to your teeth with a strong adhesive material.
  4. Arch placement: The dentist will place a thin wire arch to connect the brackets and exert the force that will move your teeth.
  5. Final adjustments: You’ll be given some tips for caring for your braces and you’re ready to be part of the braces smile club!

At our clinic in Laveen, we always advise our patients to familiarize themselves with the basics of brace care, for example:

  • Brushing your teeth carefully
  • Avoiding hard and sticky foods
  • Wearing a retainer after treatment

Where Can I Get Affordable Braces?

Remember, that at Somos Dental, we’re committed to your smile. And to help your wallet, we offer financing options and a big discount if you prepay your entire braces treatment.

So what are you waiting for? Come visit us in our clinics in Phoenix or Dallas today to give your smile the glow-up it deserves!


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Bonus: In addition to our orthodontic and general dentistry services, Somos Dental has a team that speaks Spanish so you can feel at home. Please don’t wait any longer and visit us today!

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