Is tooth extraction necessary for orthodontic treatment?

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A common question that keeps people from getting an orthodontic treatment is whether or not an extraction will be necessary in order to begin. Another relevant and frequent question is if there are any alternative procedures or other kinds of treatments that do not involve any type of extraction whatsoever. In this article, we are going to answer these questions and put to rest any doubts about the role of dental extractions in the orthodontic process.

When is tooth extraction necessary?

To the relief of most people, the answer is no. In most cases, an extraction is not necessary to start an orthodontic treatment. Even with special cases in which tooth removal is actually necessary, in most patients the procedure can be done without an extraction. This is where the dental health professional’s knowledge comes into play. An evaluation is needed, in order to know, if any kind of extraction will be required and it is their job to make sure they only perform an extraction when it is absolutely needed.

When is tooth extraction necessary?

In some cases a tooth extraction is necessary to leave other teeth room to realign with the treatment. However, there are a couple of reasons of when a tooth extraction might be needed, here is a list:

  • Extraction of back molars to give room to wisdom teeth
  • Pronounced overbite or underbite
  • When teeth are fused with bone
  • Extraction of wisdom teeth which have already erupted
  • Impacted dental pieces

If an extraction is necessary, are there other alternative treatments?

The short answer is yes, there are other kinds of orthodontic treatments that do not require an extraction. You can call us at Somos Dental in order to know the entire repertoire of options and find out what the most appropriate orthodontic treatment is for you. We have years of experience in this field and assessing patient treatment needs. The orthodontic market has been growing fast, at Somos Dental we are up to date with the newest treatments, so you have the best options all at the same place.

The decision of an extraction is part of the dental health professional’s knowledge. Our experts know that an extraction should only be taken into consideration when it is the best option for that specific case. At Somos Dental we have a team of dental health professionals who have had years of experience in orthodontic treatments and dental extractions. You can contact us through any means listed on this page or also by visiting any of our locations. We are located in 4 different areas: Downtown, Desert Sky, Mesa, and Camelback. Don’t wait give us a call at 623-869-1091 and schedule your appointment today!

What to know before getting braces? The patient’s perspective.

Don’t risk your health, come with the experts.

On our last dental blog article, we talked about the medical point of view on what to expect when getting dental braces. Now that we talked about from the professional and ethical position, we will talk about some tales, advices, and information that we have gathered that come from our patients that is not taught in dental-health school.

What to know before getting braces? The patient’s perspective.

Once that you get braces you will feel “weird” for some time.

We are sure that this is the best-known piece of information that people know about going through this type of dental procedure. The fun thing about this point is that every patient describes the feeling completely different from the other ones. Some say that “the mouth, lips and teeth feel so big in the mouth”, others say that they feel like having coins in their teeth, and even some say that even though they feel different, they do not mind or pay close attention to it.

That is why we cannot tell you exactly how and what you are going to feel once that you started this procedure. Because you surely may feel an original perception once you get your braces. That is why even though it is important to get to talk with people who already undergone an orthodontics’ treatment, you will have to wait until your appointment to know what everyone describes in a different way, yet somehow uses the adjective “weird” to specify.

After one or two weeks you will no longer notice your braces, you will get used to them

This is another well-known fact which is popular between former and even actual orthodontics patients. Once that you get your initial appointment and get your braces placed, you will feel the “weird” sensation for the first couple of days, then you will start to get used to your braces up to the point that you do not even still feel them in your mouth, they will be a normal part of your life.   

Even though you do not feel “weird” anymore, you will feel different every time you get your braces tightened.

Some people describe the feeling when tightening the teeth as uncomfortable. Most of our patients always feel different when getting their braces tightened, yet the feeling of discomfort disappears after just a couple of hours of your appointment. Yet, you need to be aware that these routine meetings are worth the discomfort that they produce.

Okay, now I know some information on what to expect, now; how can I start this procedure? Where can I get more information?

As stated above, if you are reading this piece of article you must be looking for some educational information on what to expect on this dental procedure since you want to undergo through one and change your smile and your overall health. You are in the appropriate place. In Somos Dental we are known for our practical, affordable, and professional dental procedures being carried by our team of up-to-date certified dental health professionals.

If you are looking to go through this life-changing process, you can give us a call. In Somos dental we are health care experts, we are located in 4 different places, Downtown, Desert Sky, Mesa, and Camelback. Schedule an appointment at 623-869-1091.

Don’t risk your health, come with the experts.