Why do I have a black tooth?

A black tooth is a clear signal that the tooth is devitalized, this means that the tooth pulp and nerve are dead.

A tooth turns black when it loses blood flow. Therefore, a black tooth is weaker than a healthy tooth, so as time passes the tooth starts darkening until hitting a near-black color. That is the reason for the name!

Children are especially prone to suffer several accidents through their childhood, this causes that some of the fracture or damage their dentures, this happens when children hit their denture directly, which causes permanent damage to their dental pieces.

According to statistics data, it is estimated that between 8% to 30% of children under the age of 7 have suffered some kind of denture accident which mainly damage their frontal tooth pieces. Every time they suffer dental trauma, the tooth can turn to a different color pigment, such as pink, gray, blue, black, and more commonly: black.

Some causes for a black tooth can be the following:

  1. Traumatism
    A hit in the denture can cause dental pieces to change their color to any of the specified above. A hard hit can cause fracture, chips, and dents, which can subsequently cause nerve damage and weakening the tooth.

  2. Pulp necrosis
    Sometimes a darkened tooth may be a symptom of pulp necrosis, although it can also be related to other motives such as calcifications or internal bleeding. Pulp necrosis is the total or partial dead of the tooth’s soft tissue which is also known as the pulp. It is also the main cause of bacterial infections since dead tissues get easily infected. The most common cause of pulp necrosis is due to an accident that caused a tooth traumatism. The accident causes blood vessels to bleed inside the tooth, significantly weakening them and causing uncomfortable or even intense pain. As time passes bacteria starts building up in the dead tissues, causing the dental piece to start darkening. Tissues infected by bacteria are toxic and cause gum inflammation.

  3. Deep dental cavities
    It is important to visit your dentist every six months. You also ought to have an annual dental cleaning so you can prevent any mouth/dental problems, such as cavities. Dental cavities can permanently damage your teeth if they are not controlled, they can not only turn them black, you can also end losing your dental pieces!

  4. Black teeth treatment
    There are some options for treating a black tooth. When a black tooth is caused by a traumatism an endodontic followed by a whitening treatment is needed. Furthermore, there are more details to have in considerations, such as if there is a fracture. If the piece is severely damaged sometimes it will be needed to extract and replace the tooth. When there is a deep-rooted cavity, the infection first needs to be controlled by an endodontic treatment as long as the tooth root is intact and the bone has not to be damaged; once there is no more infection, the piece is restored with a porcelain crown.

Where can I be attended?

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8 reasons for not chewing gum

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Chewing gums comes from ancient civilizations, people used to make several cuts through tree trunks and they used to get tree sap which they let dry and used to chew so they could clean their mouth, their teeth or even for calming down hunger. However, it differs from those days, nowadays we have several chewing gum brands which have let people create chewing habits to the point in which they never stop chewing.

  1. Muscle over-stimulation from chewing
    If you chew gum regularly, jaw muscles start to grow and get stronger. The problem is that when chewing we over-use force which. Therefore, in few words, chewing gum for several hours is the equal of training in a mouth gym.
  2. Headaches.
    This one is straightly related to the first point since jaw muscles get stronger, they get tense enough to develop headaches. This is because these muscles are really close to the ear canal temporomandibular joint, it gets inflamed, and produce strong headaches; several times these headaches are caused by excessive gum chewing, so we ought to have precautions with this.
  3. Neck pain
    When this joint is overstimulated, you will develop neck pain. This is because all those muscles are connected, and that can be directly caused by excessive gum chewing. Therefore, if you suffer from neck pain, and you chew gum, you ought to be careful since this could be what is developing the pain.
  4. Heartburn
    This symptom is straightly related to chewing gum. For example, if you have not eaten, and you start to chew gum, your stomach will think that you are actually eating, therefore, it will star producing stomach acids so it can receive the ´food´, making you suffer from heartburns. You will also get some throat irritation and all the acidity symptoms. This is why it is not recommended to chew gum while on an empty stomach.
  5. Dental works damage
    If you have dental works, such as amalgams, dental resins, dental crowns, dental braces, or any other kind of dental work, gum should be your worst enemy. These works are made to support loads, but not to be pulled by the gum. This will sooner or later some damage to your dental investment.
  6. Diarrhea
    Most sugar-free gums have sweeteners, which are a good option to avoid sugar intake for those with medical illnesses such as diabetes. The problem comes when there is a sweetener abuse which leads to diarrhea. Therefore, if you chew gum regularly, it is more than probable that you also have to visit the toilet regularly.
  7. Tongue growth
    When the tongue gets overstimulate from chewing gum, it tends to grow, which can cause different sleep problems such as snoring.

  8. Tooth wear
    Each time the chewing gum is chewed the teeth are indirectly crashing, so they wear out.

6 foods that stain and damage your teeth the most

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Teeth originally come out white and healthy, it is us who stain and damage them by our bad eating and hygienic habits that we have not changed.

There are several foods and products which stain and weaken our teeth, such as tobacco, mouthwashes, black tea, BBQ sauce, and dark beer. But, there are some others that damage them even more. Such is the case with the next list.

  1. Coffee
    Coffee’s acidity and color are staining your teeth considerably. We all know that coffee is the equivalent to fuel for a lot of people, it gives us the energy to work and do several other activities. If this is your case, we recommend you that whenever you finish your coffee, you carefully wash your mouth to prevent stains. As good as coffee can be, it is something that you should not have in your mouth all day long.

  2. Red wine.
    One of men’s most important invention, which have led us to uncountable pleasures, can also have negative effects on our teeth. Red wine has tannins that stain teeth; its’ acidity level is enough to weaken and stain our teeth enamel. Our suggestion is that once that you finish a glass of wine, you rinse and carefully, wash your mouth, and brush your teeth since this will prevent your teeth to get stained.

  3. Orange juice.
    Orange juice is an important energy and vitamin C source, that is why a lot of families usually consume it in the morning, but the problem lays in that, since it is pretty sweet, we are not conscious of its’ acidity, this beverage causes teeth’s enamel to weaken and when we consume other foods, the pigments will stain our teeth, In order to prevent this we recommend you the use of a straw; but a reusable one. In this way, you pollute neither your teeth nor the world, since you will get orange juice straight up to your throat.

  4. Vinegar
    There are lots of foods we consume daily that have heavy vinegar doses. We cannot avoid it in some foods such as Ketchup, dressings, mayonnaise, etc… its’ acidity level is enough to weaken and stain your teeth´s enamel; that is why we encourage you to wash your mouth every time you consume a vinegar-based food.

  5. Soda
    Soda has been heavily criticized, we can just keep talking about the problems and virtually non-existing benefits it carries. We can summarize this by just telling you that this is one of the worst beverages available in the market; therefore, try to avoid its consumption as much as you can, limit it to low quantities in certain occasions.

  6. Lemon
    Lemon and limes are so acid that they considerably weaken your enamel, damage, and stain your teeth. That is why we advise you that if you consume a product with considerable amounts of lemon in it (e.i. Lemonade, lemon ice cream, lemon pays, etc.) you brush your teeth 30 minutes after consuming it, so you do not do extra damage to your already sensitive teeth. Oh, and an important recommendation, never go to bed without brushing your teeth after consuming lemon-based foods and/or beverages.

Adult Orthodontics Treatments

Adult Orthodontics

Most Young-adults and adults have several misconceptions about investing in an orthodontic treatment. They tend to think that it does not make much sense, or they only ask about these services for aesthetic reasons, they tend to leave aside more important factors such as health and wellness. Certainly, we are wrong when we go to the dentist only for aesthetic reasons, and not because discomfort or pains caused by a poor denture or dental malocclusion, it will never be late to try to keep our dentures healthy and well adjusted.

Furthermore, there are lots of adults who live with constant pain in their dentures. They have got used to live with it, and that discomfort simply becomes an additional part of their lives. Some example are; dental wear or erosion, jaw problems, bite styles which cause pain, and more problems.

It is a fact that orthodontic processes in adults are more complicated than the ones in children, this is because orthodontists usually face working with previous or unfinished treatments, lack of or bad condition of dental pieces, analyzing badly done previous treatments such as dental implants, crowns, and so on. It is evident that bone and dental pieces growth and development is impossible in comparison with other patients such as children and teenagers; people with which planning and carrying on treatments is considerably easier and successful due to their fast and natural regeneration they biologically have.

How to know If I require an orthodontic treatment?

It is important to visit your dentist frequently, since he is going to be the professional who is responsible to realize a previous exploration to determine in it is necessary to canalize you with an orthodontist, this last one is the dental health professional who is in charge to diagnose and propose treatments on any kind of dental deformity.

Before starting an orthodontics process, we must be sure that our gums are healthy, otherwise, the dentist will have to realize a periodontal treatment. Only when we conclude this, an orthodontics treatment will be possible.

We should be conscious that by ignoring or adopting dental problems as a normal part of our daily and communal life, the only thing get will get is to complicate the situation, and consequently create additional problems (in some cases unfixable) that require different orthodontic treatments to correct them, no longer having the option of going through optional treatments, but being necessary to go through, painful, uncomfortable, and expensive ones that would not be necessary if a preventive approach was employed.

Available orthodontic treatments for adults

Just as mentioned earlier, when an adult comes looking for an orthodontic process, it normally is for aesthetic reasons; this is why there are new orthodontic options available for adult patients. These are more discrete treatments in comparison to traditional metal braces which are used mostly by children and teenagers.

All these treatments are realized at Somos Dental by our professional team of specialists; every one of our orthodontists have all the required certifications from the manufacturers in order to carry the best treatments with high-quality, in base of the patient needs.

Here we can show you these orthodontics treatments, from the most traditional to the newest ones, we invite you to read our next post, in which we will detail you about each one of them.

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