What should you eat after a tooth extraction? – Soft Food Diet

Somos Dental tooth extraction - soft food diet

Once an important treatment with your dentist or an orthodontist is performed, they may recommend maintaining a soft food diet for some time. So, you may be asking the following questions depending on your particular case:

• What can I eat after my wisdom teeth are removed?

• What can I eat after putting on braces?

• What can I eat after a dental implant?

• What can I eat after a tooth extraction?

This post will go over what you can eat after an important dental procedure. This includes dental extractions, wisdom tooth extractions and other services offered at Somos Dental.

The first few days after your procedure are critical, which is why following the diet you are given is so important. Your dentist or orthodontist will determine and provide you with the care you need. It is also a great idea to make sure you have a family member, your partner or a close friend to support you with things like transportation and the essentials hours before and after the procedure (especially if it involves the use of anesthesia).

These are some foods that can be consumed:

Liquefied soups (or without solid elements)

Soups are a good option to eat after a tooth extraction or any dental intervention. Whether it’s chicken broth (without solids) or squash, soups generally do not contain elements that can enter or irritate the affected areas. Soups should be served warm or even cold because if they are hot, they can irritate the areas of your mouth that are healing.


Like soups, broths are also good to have after your dental or orthodontic treatment. Broths are also a great way to stay hydrated, which is important for proper recovery.

Ice creams

Ice creams are also one of the foods that can be eaten after undergoing a tooth extraction or any dental/orthodontic treatment. Ice creams cold nature can help against inflammation and can also contribute to hydration. Although, keep in mind that some ice creams are high in sugars and fats, so try to consume water-based ice creams and keep track of your calorie intake.


Mashed potatoes, pumpkin, and other mashed foods are perfect after a tooth extraction or any dental or orthodontic treatment. Just avoid using sauces, gravies, or too many condiments (such as pepper) that can irritate any areas that are healing.

Puddings and jellies

Puddings and jellies are other great options that can keep you hydrated as well. The low amount of sugars they contain (if properly chosen) are a plus, along with being flavorful.

All of these are perfect foods, that can be consumed after a tooth extraction (or any kind of dental treatment!). If you notice any changes or wish to schedule an appointment with an oral health professional, call us at 623-869-1091. At Somos Dental we have a team of professionals that have plenty of experience and that can take care of all your dental needs. You can contact us through the means listed on this page, or also by visiting our locations. We are located in the four following locations: Downtown, Desert Sky, Mesa and Camelback. Don’t wait to schedule an appointment today!

Dental care tips

dental care tips somos dental

All dentists know that the only way to keep teeth and mouths healthy, is by following the correct guidelines of oral hygiene and by avoiding behaviors that are harmful to your teeth. Carrying out an adequate brushing and flossing routine is important, but there may be some other guidelines that have not been considered, which can affect your oral health.

Most cases seen in a dental office could have been prevented if the patient had followed a proper oral hygiene method. So, if you seek to maintain good dental health, the following tips will be very useful to know. These tips will help you practice a preventive hygiene process that will fight against chronic deterioration of the teeth and gums which can lead to many serious consequences.

1. Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a toothpaste containing fluoride. We know that when you are in a rush you do not always have time to brush your teeth, and many times we leave this activity by the wayside. However, brushing your teeth upon waking and before bed is the minimum that is necessary for preventive care.

2. Clean your mouth, cheeks, and tongue. Many people forget that their mouths should be cleaned completely, this includes cheeks and tongue. It is not necessary to buy additional tools, but just by gently brushing on the insides of your cheeks in a circular motion and by gently brushing the tongue you can achieve better oral care.

3. Floss. Flossing removes plaque and food debris that a traditional toothbrush cannot always reach; this process should be done once a day and the mouth should be rinsed once the process is finished. The National Institute on Aging offers the following guide for flossing.

How to floss

dental care tips somos dental
Flossing according to the National Institute on Aging, 2013

4. Eat a balanced diet. This does not mean that you need to completely deprive yourself of certain foods. However, you should moderate the consumption of the following foods, substances, and beverages if you want to attain appropriate dental care and a whiter smile as well.

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Coffee
  • Popcorn
  • Citric fruits
  • Dressings
  • Pop/ Soda
  • Tobacco

5. Avoid behaviors that can injure your teeth. If you have noticed that you bite pen caps when you study or work, or that you clench your jaw when faced with stressful situations, these behaviors may result in damage and fractures to your teeth. Be aware of situations that damage your teeth and try finding alternative ways to cope.

These five tips once implemented can maintain proper dental health and will help prevent a large number of oral diseases. If you notice any changes or wish to schedule an appointment with an oral health professional, call us at 623-869-1091. At Somos Dental we have a team of professionals with a long history of providing great dental care. You can contact us through any of the methods listed on this page, or by visiting our locations. We are located in the four following areas: Downtown Phx, Desert Sky, Mesa and Camelback. Schedule an appointment today!

When do you need deep teeth cleaning?


You may wonder whether you need to go under a deep cleaning procedure since you have started to notice that something is not going good at all regarding your dental health, or maybe your dentist told you that you needed to go under a deep cleaning procedure since he or she found that this is the best available option. Therefore, if you have been told, or you think that you need to go under this procedure, you may have some doubts. Instead of buying a brand-new television in this black Friday, invest your money in something that will help you with something as important as your dental health, take care of your body so you feel good both physically and mentally.

When do you need deep teeth cleaning?

What is a deep dental cleaning?

Dental deep cleaning is a treatment that consists of the cleaning between the gums and teeth down to the roots. Just as in a regular cleaning, the dentist will clean the tooth, gum line and sides of the teeth. The main difference is that in a deep cleaning they continue to remove tartar buildup down to the root of the tooth.

When is a deep dental cleaning needed?

This may depend, there are some cases in which the dental health professional judgement and knowledge may determine an appropriate time or context for a deep cleaning. However, talking from a more technical perspective, the American Academy of Periodontology recommends that dentists offer a deep cleaning service when an X-ray shows bone loss and also when a complete dental health assessment shows a 4-millimeter gum socket between the gum and the tooth.

Is it ok to look for a second opinion?

Some people may want to look for a second opinion after hearing that they need to go through a deep cleaning procedure. This can be a good option, that is why if you got told that you need to go under a deep cleaning process you can come to Somos Dental. In Somos dental we will both give you a top-professional second opinion, so you know if this is the most appropriate treatment for your condition. However, we can also offer the service ourselves, this with the best standards in the dental health field and at a better rate.

The decision of providing a deep cleaning is part of the dental health professional knowledge. But, without a doubt a deep cleaning should only be taken in consideration when it is the best option for the specific case. In Somos Dental we have a team of dental health professionals who have had experience in orthodontic treatments and the whole process of dental extractions. You can contact us through all the means that are listed in this page, or also by visiting us at our locations. In Somos Dental we are dental health care experts, we are located in 4 different places, Downtown, Desert Sky, Mesa, and Camelback. Schedule an appointment at 623-869-1091.

Don’t risk your health, come with the experts. We have several years of experience in the dental health industry!

What to know before getting braces? The patient’s perspective.

Don’t risk your health, come with the experts.

On our last dental blog article, we talked about the medical point of view on what to expect when getting dental braces. Now that we talked about from the professional and ethical position, we will talk about some tales, advices, and information that we have gathered that come from our patients that is not taught in dental-health school.

What to know before getting braces? The patient’s perspective.

Once that you get braces you will feel “weird” for some time.

We are sure that this is the best-known piece of information that people know about going through this type of dental procedure. The fun thing about this point is that every patient describes the feeling completely different from the other ones. Some say that “the mouth, lips and teeth feel so big in the mouth”, others say that they feel like having coins in their teeth, and even some say that even though they feel different, they do not mind or pay close attention to it.

That is why we cannot tell you exactly how and what you are going to feel once that you started this procedure. Because you surely may feel an original perception once you get your braces. That is why even though it is important to get to talk with people who already undergone an orthodontics’ treatment, you will have to wait until your appointment to know what everyone describes in a different way, yet somehow uses the adjective “weird” to specify.

After one or two weeks you will no longer notice your braces, you will get used to them

This is another well-known fact which is popular between former and even actual orthodontics patients. Once that you get your initial appointment and get your braces placed, you will feel the “weird” sensation for the first couple of days, then you will start to get used to your braces up to the point that you do not even still feel them in your mouth, they will be a normal part of your life.   

Even though you do not feel “weird” anymore, you will feel different every time you get your braces tightened.

Some people describe the feeling when tightening the teeth as uncomfortable. Most of our patients always feel different when getting their braces tightened, yet the feeling of discomfort disappears after just a couple of hours of your appointment. Yet, you need to be aware that these routine meetings are worth the discomfort that they produce.

Okay, now I know some information on what to expect, now; how can I start this procedure? Where can I get more information?

As stated above, if you are reading this piece of article you must be looking for some educational information on what to expect on this dental procedure since you want to undergo through one and change your smile and your overall health. You are in the appropriate place. In Somos Dental we are known for our practical, affordable, and professional dental procedures being carried by our team of up-to-date certified dental health professionals.

If you are looking to go through this life-changing process, you can give us a call. In Somos dental we are health care experts, we are located in 4 different places, Downtown, Desert Sky, Mesa, and Camelback. Schedule an appointment at 623-869-1091.

Don’t risk your health, come with the experts.

What to know before getting braces?

What to know before getting braces Somos Dental, Dental Care, Health Practice

If you are reading this dental health article, you must be wondering what you should totally have in mind before getting dental braces. You may have already asked some friends or relatives who went through this process and may already have some ideas on what to expect. However, there are some other aspects which you need to have in consideration when opting to get into a life changing experience such as finally getting dental braces to change both your aesthetically smile and to improve your overall health and self-esteem. In this article we are going to talk about what to expect from both the medical and the personal point of view and experiences that we have gathered through our years of dental health practice.

What to know before getting braces?

Do not expect immediate results

Even when braces are not a life-long treatment, they surely are a medium-term commitment. This may seem as a bad marketing decision to tell you that changes are not immediate and that you need to be responsible while being under this type of proceedings, however, we need to make sure that our potential clients, and even future competence clients are totally aware of the nature of getting involved in this kind of orthodontics treatment.

So, how much time until I start to see visible changes?

Once that you have started your treatment, you will see noticeable results as soon as between three or four weeks, and 7 weeks to 2 months. This may not seem as a lot of time, and to be honest, it is not. However, some orthodontics clinics promise immediate results, but every single type of treatment will start to show results under this specified time frame.

Why does it take this time to start showing out results?

Starting an orthodontics process is a technical, complex, and carefully medical mediated procedure. The time it takes is the needed time to get you under a safe, and yet practical treatment so everything finishes up in the conveyed time frame while following strict medical guidelines. If the movement is slow it can result in the shortening of your denture’s roots, too quick and it can result in uncomfortable, unbearable pain, and bone and dental damage. That is why this procedure must be carried by trained and certified dental health professionals.   

Okay, now I know some information on what to expect, now; how can I start this procedure? Where can I get more information?

As stated above, if you are reading this piece of article you must be looking for some educational information on what to expect on this dental procedure since you want to undergo through one and change your smile and your overall health. You are in the appropriate place. In Somos Dental we are known for our practical, affordable, and professional dental procedures being carried by our team of up-to-date certified dental health professionals.

If you are looking to go through this life-changing process, you can give us a call. In Somos dental we are health care experts, we are located in 4 different places, Downtown, Desert Sky, Mesa, and Camelback. Schedule an appointment at 623-869-1091.

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Are braces worth the time, pain and money?


Even though we know the aesthetic and health benefits that wearing braces can bring, most people tend to ask the same question: Are braces worth the time, pain, and money? Well, the answer is pretty straight forward… yes! You’ll be able to put your mind at ease once you understand the benefits of having this procedure done.

Why people decide to get braces?

Why do people get braces?

There are a lot of reasons to get braces and while most may be aesthetically motivated, there are also some incredibly important health benefits to consider. Not only can they straighten your teeth, which will give you a big boost of confidence, braces can also help to fix over/under bites which will greatly reduce the wear and tear on a persons teeth.

Some people ask if the time, pain, and money will be worth it in the end and many others have a great deal of irrational fear related to having braces due to what they’ve heard from others or what they have seen on TV. So, whichever group you find yourself in today, keep reading. We are going to break down the top three areas of concern that people have regarding getting braces.


This is one of the main reasons people postpone or even opt-out of getting dental treatment. You may have heard it said “out of sight, out of mind”, however, even though the overall process of wearing braces can require a significant amount of time, dental health is not something that gets better through procrastination. Whether you have an over/under bite, crooked teeth, or teeth that are spacing out due to the loss of a tooth, the best time to get the work done is now! As soon as you can! Waiting to get treatment will only serve to worsen dental issues; time will not “heal all wounds”, getting treatment will.


There’s no doubt that apart from time, pain is the biggest fear that people develop when considering getting braces, but like the old adage goes… “no pain, no gain”. It has been said that braces usually generate outstanding pain. Honestly, there can be a great deal of discomfort when you first start wearing them, but after you get through those first days, you will get used to having them on your teeth. Apart from the initial discomfort of having them put on, getting them tightened will also make you feel uncomfortable, but that usually goes away after a couple of hours. It’s important to note that the tools and technology used by orthodontists have come a long way and because of these advances, any pain and discomfort associated with getting braces has been significantly reduced!


Lastly, lets talk about the money. The cost of dental work can be daunting to some people that are considering getting braces. Don’t look at it is a “cost”, but, rather, see it for what it truly is: an investment. There are a lot of things that we spend money on in this life that yields little to no return, but your teeth have a great impact on your health, work, and social life. It is an investment that yields a great personal return that is long lasting. At Somos, we understand the reality of these concerns and as a result are willing to work with you to make sure you get the care you need. At Somos Dental, you will receive top level care and an affordable rate, so give us a call or email us today with how we can help you have a happy, healthy smile!

Why do I have a black tooth?


A black tooth is a clear signal that the tooth is devitalized, this means that the tooth pulp and nerve are dead.

A tooth turns black when it loses blood flow. Therefore, a black tooth is weaker than a healthy tooth, so as time passes the tooth starts darkening until hitting a near-black color. That is the reason for the name!

Children are especially prone to suffer several accidents through their childhood, this causes that some of the fracture or damage their dentures, this happens when children hit their denture directly, which causes permanent damage to their dental pieces.

According to statistics data, it is estimated that between 8% to 30% of children under the age of 7 have suffered some kind of denture accident which mainly damage their frontal tooth pieces. Every time they suffer dental trauma, the tooth can turn to a different color pigment, such as pink, gray, blue, black, and more commonly: black.

Some causes for a black tooth can be the following:

  1. Traumatism
    A hit in the denture can cause dental pieces to change their color to any of the specified above. A hard hit can cause fracture, chips, and dents, which can subsequently cause nerve damage and weakening the tooth.
  2. Pulp necrosis
    Sometimes a darkened tooth may be a symptom of pulp necrosis, although it can also be related to other motives such as calcifications or internal bleeding. Pulp necrosis is the total or partial dead of the tooth’s soft tissue which is also known as the pulp. It is also the main cause of bacterial infections since dead tissues get easily infected. The most common cause of pulp necrosis is due to an accident that caused a tooth traumatism. The accident causes blood vessels to bleed inside the tooth, significantly weakening them and causing uncomfortable or even intense pain. As time passes bacteria starts building up in the dead tissues, causing the dental piece to start darkening. Tissues infected by bacteria are toxic and cause gum inflammation.
  3. Deep dental cavities
    It is important to visit your dentist every six months. You also ought to have an annual dental cleaning so you can prevent any mouth/dental problems, such as cavities. Dental cavities can permanently damage your teeth if they are not controlled, they can not only turn them black, you can also end losing your dental pieces!
  4. Black teeth treatment
    There are some options for treating a black tooth. When a black tooth is caused by a traumatism an endodontic followed by a whitening treatment is needed. Furthermore, there are more details to have in considerations, such as if there is a fracture. If the piece is severely damaged sometimes it will be needed to extract and replace the tooth. When there is a deep-rooted cavity, the infection first needs to be controlled by an endodontic treatment as long as the tooth root is intact and the bone has not to be damaged; once there is no more infection, the piece is restored with a porcelain crown.

Where can I be attended?

At Somos Dental we have a great team of experienced dentists and dental care professionals. We have four different locations around the Valley: Downtown, Desert Sky, Mesa, and Camelback. To schedule an appointment call 623-869-1091.

Don’t risk your health, come with the experts.

8 reasons for not chewing gum

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Chewing gums comes from ancient civilizations, people used to make several cuts through tree trunks and they used to get tree sap which they let dry and used to chew so they could clean their mouth, their teeth or even for calming down hunger. However, it differs from those days, nowadays we have several chewing gum brands which have let people create chewing habits to the point in which they never stop chewing.

  1. Muscle over-stimulation from chewing
    If you chew gum regularly, jaw muscles start to grow and get stronger. The problem is that when chewing we over-use force which. Therefore, in few words, chewing gum for several hours is the equal of training in a mouth gym.
  2. Headaches.
    This one is straightly related to the first point since jaw muscles get stronger, they get tense enough to develop headaches. This is because these muscles are really close to the ear canal temporomandibular joint, it gets inflamed, and produce strong headaches; several times these headaches are caused by excessive gum chewing, so we ought to have precautions with this.
  3. Neck pain
    When this joint is overstimulated, you will develop neck pain. This is because all those muscles are connected, and that can be directly caused by excessive gum chewing. Therefore, if you suffer from neck pain, and you chew gum, you ought to be careful since this could be what is developing the pain.
  4. Heartburn
    This symptom is straightly related to chewing gum. For example, if you have not eaten, and you start to chew gum, your stomach will think that you are actually eating, therefore, it will star producing stomach acids so it can receive the ´food´, making you suffer from heartburns. You will also get some throat irritation and all the acidity symptoms. This is why it is not recommended to chew gum while on an empty stomach.
  5. Dental works damage
    If you have dental works, such as amalgams, dental resins, dental crowns, dental braces, or any other kind of dental work, gum should be your worst enemy. These works are made to support loads, but not to be pulled by the gum. This will sooner or later some damage to your dental investment.
  6. Diarrhea
    Most sugar-free gums have sweeteners, which are a good option to avoid sugar intake for those with medical illnesses such as diabetes. The problem comes when there is a sweetener abuse which leads to diarrhea. Therefore, if you chew gum regularly, it is more than probable that you also have to visit the toilet regularly.
  7. Tongue growth
    When the tongue gets overstimulate from chewing gum, it tends to grow, which can cause different sleep problems such as snoring.

  8. Tooth wear
    Each time the chewing gum is chewed the teeth are indirectly crashing, so they wear out.

6 foods that stain and damage your teeth the most

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Teeth originally come out white and healthy, it is us who stain and damage them by our bad eating and hygienic habits that we have not changed.

There are several foods and products which stain and weaken our teeth, such as tobacco, mouthwashes, black tea, BBQ sauce, and dark beer. But, there are some others that damage them even more. Such is the case with the next list.

  1. Coffee
    Coffee’s acidity and color are staining your teeth considerably. We all know that coffee is the equivalent to fuel for a lot of people, it gives us the energy to work and do several other activities. If this is your case, we recommend you that whenever you finish your coffee, you carefully wash your mouth to prevent stains. As good as coffee can be, it is something that you should not have in your mouth all day long.

  2. Red wine.
    One of men’s most important invention, which have led us to uncountable pleasures, can also have negative effects on our teeth. Red wine has tannins that stain teeth; its’ acidity level is enough to weaken and stain our teeth enamel. Our suggestion is that once that you finish a glass of wine, you rinse and carefully, wash your mouth, and brush your teeth since this will prevent your teeth to get stained.

  3. Orange juice.
    Orange juice is an important energy and vitamin C source, that is why a lot of families usually consume it in the morning, but the problem lays in that, since it is pretty sweet, we are not conscious of its’ acidity, this beverage causes teeth’s enamel to weaken and when we consume other foods, the pigments will stain our teeth, In order to prevent this we recommend you the use of a straw; but a reusable one. In this way, you pollute neither your teeth nor the world, since you will get orange juice straight up to your throat.

  4. Vinegar
    There are lots of foods we consume daily that have heavy vinegar doses. We cannot avoid it in some foods such as Ketchup, dressings, mayonnaise, etc… its’ acidity level is enough to weaken and stain your teeth´s enamel; that is why we encourage you to wash your mouth every time you consume a vinegar-based food.

  5. Soda
    Soda has been heavily criticized, we can just keep talking about the problems and virtually non-existing benefits it carries. We can summarize this by just telling you that this is one of the worst beverages available in the market; therefore, try to avoid its consumption as much as you can, limit it to low quantities in certain occasions.

  6. Lemon
    Lemon and limes are so acid that they considerably weaken your enamel, damage, and stain your teeth. That is why we advise you that if you consume a product with considerable amounts of lemon in it (e.i. Lemonade, lemon ice cream, lemon pays, etc.) you brush your teeth 30 minutes after consuming it, so you do not do extra damage to your already sensitive teeth. Oh, and an important recommendation, never go to bed without brushing your teeth after consuming lemon-based foods and/or beverages.

Adult Orthodontics Treatments

Adult Orthodontics

Most Young-adults and adults have several misconceptions about investing in an orthodontic treatment. They tend to think that it does not make much sense, or they only ask about these services for aesthetic reasons, they tend to leave aside more important factors such as health and wellness. Certainly, we are wrong when we go to the dentist only for aesthetic reasons, and not because discomfort or pains caused by a poor denture or dental malocclusion, it will never be late to try to keep our dentures healthy and well adjusted.

Furthermore, there are lots of adults who live with constant pain in their dentures. They have got used to live with it, and that discomfort simply becomes an additional part of their lives. Some example are; dental wear or erosion, jaw problems, bite styles which cause pain, and more problems.

It is a fact that orthodontic processes in adults are more complicated than the ones in children, this is because orthodontists usually face working with previous or unfinished treatments, lack of or bad condition of dental pieces, analyzing badly done previous treatments such as dental implants, crowns, and so on. It is evident that bone and dental pieces growth and development is impossible in comparison with other patients such as children and teenagers; people with which planning and carrying on treatments is considerably easier and successful due to their fast and natural regeneration they biologically have.

How to know If I require an orthodontic treatment?

It is important to visit your dentist frequently, since he is going to be the professional who is responsible to realize a previous exploration to determine in it is necessary to canalize you with an orthodontist, this last one is the dental health professional who is in charge to diagnose and propose treatments on any kind of dental deformity.

Before starting an orthodontics process, we must be sure that our gums are healthy, otherwise, the dentist will have to realize a periodontal treatment. Only when we conclude this, an orthodontics treatment will be possible.

We should be conscious that by ignoring or adopting dental problems as a normal part of our daily and communal life, the only thing get will get is to complicate the situation, and consequently create additional problems (in some cases unfixable) that require different orthodontic treatments to correct them, no longer having the option of going through optional treatments, but being necessary to go through, painful, uncomfortable, and expensive ones that would not be necessary if a preventive approach was employed.

Available orthodontic treatments for adults

Just as mentioned earlier, when an adult comes looking for an orthodontic process, it normally is for aesthetic reasons; this is why there are new orthodontic options available for adult patients. These are more discrete treatments in comparison to traditional metal braces which are used mostly by children and teenagers.

All these treatments are realized at Somos Dental by our professional team of specialists; every one of our orthodontists have all the required certifications from the manufacturers in order to carry the best treatments with high-quality, in base of the patient needs.

Here we can show you these orthodontics treatments, from the most traditional to the newest ones, we invite you to read our next post, in which we will detail you about each one of them.

Metalic Braces

Metalic Braces

Damon System Braces

Damon System Braces

Zafiro Braces

Zafiro Braces