Know the dangers of fake braces

Fake brackets

We have already talked about DIY braces in a past blog entry. There is a whole new trend of people wanting to get the braces’ look, or wanting to get the results of professionally done orthodontic treatments with DIY techniques. Even when some websites may promise that you can close gaps between your front teeth, or that you can get the braces’ look easily, you need to be extra careful with your dental health, since you can be in danger. We have had people come to our dental offices with ongoing infections and even dead teeth due to DIY braces, that is why we will talk about the dangers of fake braces and DIY orthodontics.

The dangers of fake dentistry

There have been several cases in the country where fake dentists have been arrested due to practicing without the proper certifications. Even when some people may think that getting braces “just for the looks” is not dangerous, there are lots of things that can go wrong when getting a dental treatment from a non-certified person. There have been instances of people getting infections or even losing their teeth due to getting braces or other treatments from fraudulent sources.

Why are fake braces dangerous?

People who wear fake braces can suffer from metal toxicity since fake dentists do not use materials that comply with medical standards. Metal toxicity can even cause death if not treated in time, that is why it is necessary to tackle the fake braces epidemic.

Why do people wear fake braces?

Even when most people know that it is not safe to get dental treatments from non-certified professionals, or to follow dangerous DIY guides from the internet, there will always be someone trying to get fake braces. Some people think that these sketchy treatments can help to align their teeth as professionally done orthodontics can, while others just want to get the aesthetic look without thinking about the consequences.

Can fake braces damage my teeth?

YES! Fake braces will ALWAYS damage your teeth, gums, or jawbone in one way or another. For example, getting fake brackets attached to your teeth can damage your tooth’ enamel and even cause deep cavities; also, using dental bands around the front teeth to close diastemas can be dangerous, since if they get to the gums, they can disappear and create deep infections that can lead people to lose their teeth.

What can I do then?

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