Why does my retainer feel tight?

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Retainers are custom-made devices that help to keep teeth in their new position after surgery or orthodontic treatment. Every orthodontist has a different retainer protocol, but most of them will ask you to wear them permanently for the first six months.

The retainers can feel tight or even cause discomfort when first using them, but most patients from our Somos Dental clinic in Mesa get totally used to them after the first couple of days.

In this blog, we are going to cover the basics of retainers, what to expect from them, and how long to wear them, besides, enter to our braces section to discover our specials on braces.

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What are retainers?

As stated above, retainers are custom-made devices that are used to hold your teeth to their new aligned position. Once that patients finish their orthodontic treatment they will need to protect their teeth from anything that can damage their new smile.

Retainers can be made from different materials, but all of them have the same goal of taking care of your new smile.

Types of retainers

There are different types of dental retainers on the market. All of them have some advantages and disadvantages, so it is up to every patient to discuss the best option for their specific case. 

Hawley retainers

Removable retainers that are made of thin metal wired and plastic that fit the roof of your mouth. Hawley retainers have the advantage of being the most durable ones but are way more noticeable than clear plastic and permanent retainers.

Clear plastic retainers

These are the most popular types of retainers. Clear plastic retainers are molded to perfectly fit your new smile while showing off your new smile to others, hence their popularity. Clear plastic retainers also tend to be easy to clean but are usually way less durable than other options.

Permanent retainers

Permanent retainers consist of a solid wire that is bonded to the inside part of your front teeth to keep them from going back to their original position. It is a good option for patients who want a fixed alternative.

Can retainers feel tight?

Yes, we often hear patients who feel tightness from their new retainers, but it usually goes away after the first couple of days. However, retainers can also feel tight for people who only wear them sometimes, if that happens the orthodontist will advise the patient to wear the retainers more often.

Do they have to be worn at all times?

This is usually the case during the first six months, however, after these first six months, your orthodontist will usually tell you to only wear them at nighttime.

So, is it not normal to feel them tight?

Not really. As just stated, retainers are only supposed to feel tight during the beginning parts of the treatment. Therefore, if you start feeling your retainers tighter that means that you need to start wearing them more often.

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