What is a dental implant healing cap?

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If you have a missing tooth your dentist can recommend a dental implant healing cap. As we explain in our dental clinic located in Mesa, Arizona, dental implants are artificial teeth that are fixed into the jawbone which work and look just like natural teeth (after having a crown placed over them).

This procedure is used to replace a single tooth, hold fixed bridges, and even hold whole dentures, so they are good options to restore a beautiful smile. There are different implant designs with one, two, or three pieces. We are going to talk about the three-piece implant design since this is the most common one.

A three-piece implant consists of the titanium implant, the abutment, and the dental crown. However, before the permanent abutment, there needs to be a healing that lets the tooth heal and helps shape the gums for a more natural look.

In this blog, we are going to talk about healing caps on dental implant and what to expect from the implant procedure.

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What Are Healing Caps On Dental Implants?

Healing caps or healing abutments help surrounding gum tissue to heal after the procedure. Once the gums have healed correctly, healing caps are replaced with permanent abutments, which are the pieces that connect the implant to the dental crown.

How much time should I wear a dental implant healing cap?

Healing time depends on each patient. However, it usually takes between four to eight weeks for gums to heal around healing caps. You must follow your dentist’s post-op instructions to have a speedy and correct recovery.

Why does my dental implant cap smell?

It is normal for the newly placed healing caps on dental implant to have a strong odor. However, as stated above, sometimes some patients comment on a constant strong odor coming from the implant area even months after the procedure.

This odor can be caused by food stuck between the gums and the dental crown, which can be fixed by cleaning the area with an interdental brush.

What to do if my implant cap fell out?

The dental implant healing cap can fall out, but when this happens you need to pay a visit to your implant dentist to get your healing abutment replaced as soon as possible.

Is it normal to feel pain around my implant healing cap?

Yes, it is normal to feel some pain during the healing process of the procedure. However, if you still have sharp pain after the first couple of days after the procedure you will need to visit your dentist to check that everything is healing properly.

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