​​Ceramic braces before and after: what will your teeth look like

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​​Ceramic braces before and after

A lot of patients are wondering about the differences between ​​ceramic braces before and after the treatment or what are ceramic braces. But, do you know how this orthodontic treatment works? keep reading to discover it. 

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What are Ceramic Braces?

Different types of orthodontics are available today, so every patient can choose the option that better adapts to their needs.

Between these options, you can find ceramic braces, which work just like traditional metal braces, but people tend to choose them for their clear aesthetic look. 


  • Cheaper than Invisalign.
  • Look better than traditional metal braces.
  • Are not noticeable to other people.


  • Have a higher cost in comparison to traditional metal braces.
  • Are easier to break than other options.
  • Can stain if the patients do not take care of them
  • Can cause gum sensitivity.

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Are noticeable?

Even when ceramic braces are not as discrete as Invisalign, they are hard to spot by other people. Therefore, they are a popular option for those who want a more discrete orthodontic smile.

Are they worth the extra cost?

Knowing what are ceramic braces and the benefits of wearing it, maybe you’re wondering if they are worth the extra cost.

It depends on the patient. Most patients say that they are worth it, but it is up to every patient to see all the orthodontics options and make an informed choice that fits their needs.

Do ceramic braces take longer?

Yes, they tend to work a little slower than their metal counterparts.

Even when they work the same (in mechanism), they use ceramic brackets that cannot be placed under the same pressure as metal braces, so your orthodontist will need more time to work with your case.

Can stain?

Yes, if patients do not take care of them, they can stain and show a yellowish color instead of their clear one.

If you want to prevent them from staining, you need to follow the following tips:

  • Brush three times a day and floss before going to bed
  • Avoid staining foods, beverages, and substances
  • Visit your orthodontist regularly

Celebrities with ceramic braces

This orthodontic treatment has been trendy among celebrities due to its discrete look. Some celebrities that have worn ceramic braces include the following:

  • Tom Cruise
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Prince Harry

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Now that you know the differences between ​​ceramic braces before and after, we advise you to start your orthodontic treatment as soon as possible.

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