Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic braces


Ceramic braces are an aesthetical alternative to traditional metal braces when planning an orthodontics treatment. They are usually sought due to their clear appearance, making it harder to tell that you got braces at all. However, since it still is an orthodontics treatment, there are cons and pros that you need to know between ceramic braces, metal braces, and even Invisalign treatment. 

Pros of ceramic braces

  • Are a good alternative to traditional metal braces, since they are less visible than the metal braces.
  • They make a faster treatment than invisible orthodontics (Invisalign), while keeping almost the same speed as traditional metal braces.
  • You can choose colors for your braces. While metal braces only allow you to choose band colors, you can actually choose your braces colors when starting treatment with ceramic braces.

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Cons of ceramic braces

  • Are less durable than metal braces. Even when not fragile, tend to be twice as probable of breaking off as metal braces.
  • When removing ceramic braces, there can be damage to the tooth enamel. Even when it is not often, sometimes when removing the ceramic braces, there can be some damage to the tooth’s enamel, since they use different materials than with metal braces.
  • They are slower than traditional metal braces. Even when we stated above that they keep a similar speed to traditional metal braces, ceramic braces are indeed slower than metal braces. This can cause the whole endodontics treatment to slow down in comparison to traditional metal braces.
  • They can cause sensitivity. A common reported problem between patients is of sensitivity. Ceramic braces can cause gum sensitivity. That is why you need to talk to your dentist before choosing braces, so he/she can tell you if you are going to have sensitivity issues.

Where to get ceramic braces in the Phoenix Metro area in Arizona?

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