6 foods that stain and damage your teeth the most

Teeth originally come out white and healthy, it is us who stain and damage them by our bad eating and hygienic habits that we have not changed.

There are several foods and products which stain and weaken our teeth, such as tobacco, mouthwashes, black tea, BBQ sauce, and dark beer. But, there are some others that damage them even more. Such is the case with the next list.

  1. Coffee
    Coffee’s acidity and color are staining your teeth considerably. We all know that coffee is the equivalent to fuel for a lot of people, it gives us the energy to work and do several other activities. If this is your case, we recommend you that whenever you finish your coffee, you carefully wash your mouth to prevent stains. As good as coffee can be, it is something that you should not have in your mouth all day long.

  2. Red wine.
    One of men’s most important invention, which have led us to uncountable pleasures, can also have negative effects on our teeth. Red wine has tannins that stain teeth; its’ acidity level is enough to weaken and stain our teeth enamel. Our suggestion is that once that you finish a glass of wine, you rinse and carefully, wash your mouth, and brush your teeth since this will prevent your teeth to get stained.

  3. Orange juice.
    Orange juice is an important energy and vitamin C source, that is why a lot of families usually consume it in the morning, but the problem lays in that, since it is pretty sweet, we are not conscious of its’ acidity, this beverage causes teeth’s enamel to weaken and when we consume other foods, the pigments will stain our teeth, In order to prevent this we recommend you the use of a straw; but a reusable one. In this way, you pollute neither your teeth nor the world, since you will get orange juice straight up to your throat.

  4. Vinegar
    There are lots of foods we consume daily that have heavy vinegar doses. We cannot avoid it in some foods such as Ketchup, dressings, mayonnaise, etc… its’ acidity level is enough to weaken and stain your teeth´s enamel; that is why we encourage you to wash your mouth every time you consume a vinegar-based food.

  5. Soda
    Soda has been heavily criticized, we can just keep talking about the problems and virtually non-existing benefits it carries. We can summarize this by just telling you that this is one of the worst beverages available in the market; therefore, try to avoid its consumption as much as you can, limit it to low quantities in certain occasions.

  6. Lemon
    Lemon and limes are so acid that they considerably weaken your enamel, damage, and stain your teeth. That is why we advise you that if you consume a product with considerable amounts of lemon in it (e.i. Lemonade, lemon ice cream, lemon pays, etc.) you brush your teeth 30 minutes after consuming it, so you do not do extra damage to your already sensitive teeth. Oh, and an important recommendation, never go to bed without brushing your teeth after consuming lemon-based foods and/or beverages.