Do you floss? We give you 7 reasons why you should floss daily

Dental flossing is an activity that should be realized daily since it represents an important part of our oral hygiene. We do know that brushing is essential, however, we also have other parts of the mouth which we ought to take care of too, such as the tongue, and our the inside part of our cheeks, which helps us to remove food from our teeth in a process which is called autocleaning. This brings the next question, Which is the only place we do not adequately reach with our tongue nor our cheeks? The answer is simple; It is between our teeth. That is why we encourage you to imagine how it would be like to let those places without an appropriate cleaning routine for several days, weeks or even months. Our body´s temperature and humidity will surely cause undesirable odors. That is why we list several reasons on why you should use dental floss daily.

  1. Cavities
    Teeth´s enamel in extremely rough and resistant. As seen on the picture, the separation between the nerve and the chewing surface is considerable, but it is not the same for the interdental one; it has much less enamel, approximately 2.5 mm. That is why cavities usually appear in these places, they develop faster and are more aggressive. This type of cavities is called interproximal.Cavities
  2. Expensive treatments
    Most interproximal cavities are caused due to lack of cleaning between teeth, additional to these cavities being harder to detect, they require more invasive and more expensive treatments. This is why they are the main cause of dental endodontics (root canals).
  3. Gum bleeding.
    Gun bleeding is almost always caused by one reason, inflammation, and this is because of the presence of bacteria, in which the only way to remove it is by flossing. However, if these bacteria already built up into dental tartar, you have to go with a dental professional so you can have an adequate deep cleaning to remove the tartar. Once this is done, you ought to use dental floss daily so tartar does not build up again.In “Somos dental” we take care of your dental health and we are at your disposal at any of our four locations in Downtown, Desert Sky, Mesa, and Camelback.
  4. I have tight interdental spaces and dental floss will not enter
    The problem here is the type of dental floss. There are thinner and more flexible dental flosses, for a more detailed information in which type of dental floss is the most appropriate for your mouth, you can have a dentist appointment. He will assist you on this topic.
  5. I do not have enough time
    This excuse is not only not valid, but it is also neither credible, we are not telling you to use dental floss three times a day, we are telling you to use it at least when you are going to bed, which will only take you 3 minutes at much. We are sure that your teeth’s health is worth the time.
  6. I am too lazy to floss
    If this is one reason on why you do not floss, you have a big problem, since by not flossing you can develop an interdental cavity. At that moment you will have to invest much time to solve the problem. That is why it is advisable to prevent unnecessary dental works even if this means taking 5 minutes of your time.
  7. Flossing separates my teeth
    This is a misconception, dental floss does not only not separate teeth, but it also prevents teeth from separating since there will no longer be food between your teeth and gums will not get inflamed.