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You’re going to be surprised to discover there are more medical than cosmetic reasons to get braces.

In fact, 4 million people in America are unsatisfied with their mouths, and 45% are considering getting braces.

Braces help you to improve oral health, as a result, your body will feel better, in addition to achieving a perfect smile for the camera. 

If you are still doubting about starting orthodontic treatment, keep reading to know the cosmetical and medical reasons to get braces.

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What are the reasons to get braces?

1 Braces are affordable

Many people think getting braces is very expensive, but the truth is that is an affordable orthodontic treatment. 

They could save you money in the future, preventing dental complications, for example, overbite, gaps, crooked teeth, and various other flaws.

2 Correct teeth crowding

Teeth crowding is one of the main reasons to get braces, also, crowding causes a lot of mouth issues.

Such as breathing complications and difficulties to clean the areas where crowding occurs. 

By correcting teeth crowding, the teeth will become easier to clean, as well as preventing tooth decay and future heart problems. 

3 Improve your bite

One of the medical reasons to get braces is to correct misaligned teeth, and to prevent overbite, underbite, and open bite. 

A bite out of place can cause a lot of health issues, such as, damage in the gum and front teeth, in the same way, increasing the risk of dental injury. 

As a result, as result, making simple activities like chewing food very uncomfortable.

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4 Reduce the gap between teeth

Do you know what is diastema? That’s the term used for the space between teeth. 

Most of our patients think the gap between the teeth or diastema is only a cosmetic subject, but if it’s corrected on time, can prevent speech and breathing issues.

Braces work to shift your teeth into a straighter position, as a result, eliminating any gaps between them.

5 It gives you more confidence 

Knowing what are the reasons to get braces, is good to know nothing feels better than having a beautiful smile.

While braces may fix some medical subjects, besides, they’re great for helping you feel good about yourself.

Don’t be afraid to start orthodontic treatment, there are a lot of medical and cosmetic reasons to get braces. 

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