Can You Get Braces with a Crown?

Thinking about straightening your teeth but worried about existing crowns or missing teeth messing with your braces?

Don’t panic! Let’s break down the facts about combining orthodontics with other treatments, so your journey to a perfect and healthy smile isn’t interrupted.

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Can I Get Braces with Crowns?

In most cases, absolutely! Crowns, if well-positioned, can act as anchor points for your braces brackets. This allows your orthodontist to move your teeth precisely and effectively, even with crowns present.

How does it work? Your dentist uses special techniques to securely bond the brackets to the crown.

Sometimes, a minor adjustment to the crown might be needed for a better fit. But don’t worry, these are routine procedures.

Can you get braces with missing teeth?

Again, a resounding yes! Gaps from missing teeth aren’t usually roadblocks for braces. In fact, they can be helpful in closing those gaps and achieving a balanced bite.

In addition to braces, your orthodontist might recommend different methods, like temporary dental bridges or implants, to fill those spaces and achieve a balanced bite.

At our Mesa, Arizona clinic, we can advise you on the best options for your individual case.

Remember: Every case is unique, and the best option for you will depend on your dentist’s personalized assessment.

Combining braces with crowns or missing teeth requires careful planning and expertise. Consulting a qualified orthodontist is crucial to ensure a successful and predictable outcome.

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