When Do You Need A Crown? Explaining the Essentials

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Having a loose tooth can be worrying, but it doesn’t always mean you need a dental crown. Understanding when you need a crown instead of a filling is essential.

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Filling vs. Crown: Which Is Needed for a Loose Tooth?

Sometimes, deciding between a filling and a crown for a loose tooth can be confusing. Fillings are suitable for minor cavities, while a crown is best for severely damaged or weak teeth.

A crown covers the entire tooth, providing more support and strength. Your dentist can advise based on your tooth’s condition.

The crucial factors: when a Dental Crown is necessary

A dental crown might be the solution when:

  • Severe Tooth Decay: Extensive damage from decay might need more support than a filling can offer.
  • Fractured or Cracked Teeth: When a tooth is severely cracked, a crown can hold it together.
  • Large Fillings: A tooth with a large filling might require a crown to strengthen it.
  • Root Canal Treatment: Crowns are common after root canal therapy to protect the treated tooth

At Somos Dental, our clinic in Laveen serves our patients, and we always advise considering a dental crown only when necessary. Your dental professional will recommend the best treatment based on your oral health.

Do I Really Need a Crown? Clear Signs and Considerations

A dental crown is a significant step in dental care and should only be pursued when necessary. Knowing if you need a crown requires careful evaluation of certain conditions and indications. Some considerations include:

  • Assessing the tooth’s condition:  Factors such as the tooth’s strength, and the severity of damage, are crucial in determining the necessity of a crown.
  • Observing tooth sensitivity: Tooth sensitivity, or pain when biting might indicate a problem. These symptoms suggest that the tooth may need the added protection of a dental crown.
  • Chronic teeth grinding (Bruxism): Teeth grinding can severely damage teeth, weakening them over time. In cases where bruxism is a consistent habit, a crown could prevent further damage.
  • Your dentist’s advice: Your dental professional will assess your teeth, consider your oral health history, and recommend the best treatment. Trust your dentist’s advice and consult with them to understand the implications of getting a crown.

The Best Deals on Dental Crowns

Somos Dental offers the best deals on dental crowns. We understand that dental care should be accessible and affordable. Our mission is to provide high-quality dental care at reasonable costs.

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