What to eat during thanksgiving with braces?

flat lay of pumpkin pie for thanksgiving pumpkin with braces

If you’re wearing orthodontic treatment is normal to think you need to stop eating the meals and desserts you love, in particular, you’re wondering what to eat during thanksgiving with braces or if you can eat pumpkin pie with braces.

Really, you’re going to be surprised to discover you can eat most of the delicious meals served at Thanksgiving while wearing braces.

In fact, most of the traditional foods served during thanksgiving are considered braces-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about it, keep reading to know what you can eat during thanksgiving.

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What foods can I eat during Thanksgiving with braces?

There are a lot of meals and desserts you can enjoy while you are wearing braces, such as the traditional turkey, a delicious ham, a healthy salad, and even a pumpkin pie.

Indeed, we made a list of meals you can eat without any problem this thanksgiving if you’re starting an orthodontic treatment:

Turkey or ham

These are the most traditional meals on this holiday, don’t hesitate to eat them, but we recommend eating them in small pieces and avoiding the turkey leg, the bones can hurt your braces.


Do you know stuffing is one of the most braces-friendly foods? That’s because it is generally soft, besides you should be careful with walnuts or pecans.


Alongside salads, cooked vegetables are a good option to eat while wearing braces, soft vegetables will always be a safe option, however, we recommend keeping away from crunchy vegetables.

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What about the dessert? Can I eat pumpkin pie with braces?

Surely you love desserts, and wearing an orthodontist doesn’t need to be a reason to stop eating them, but is advisable to avoid caramel apples, between the crunchy apple and the hard caramel, they are unsafe for braces. 

Contrarily, feel free to eat cakes, cookies, and brownies, avoiding any nuts, also the most important question here is: Can I eat pumpkin pie with braces?

If you’re one who loves pumpkin pie, this is our lucky day, because its soft filling is a perfect dessert to eat with braces, nevertheless, be careful with the crust with pecans, as it can hurt the orthodontic. 

Our last piece of advice is to have a good time with your family and friends during Thanksgiving.

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Adobe all, the family of Somos Dental wishes you a lovely Thanksgiving with your family and friends, and why not? Enjoy a piece of pumpkin pie while wearing braces. 


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