Pineapple Juice For Wisdom Teeth Recovery, It Really Helps?

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It is normal to have some discomfort after a wisdom teeth extraction, but there is a home remedy going viral on TikTok to help speed up the recovery, drinking pineapple juice!

This dental procedure can be painful and uncomfortable due to the swelling and bleeding that occurs after the surgery. Usually, your dentist will prescribe you medication to control the soreness

We strongly recommend following all the directions given by your dentists, besides, there is no problem trying some natural treatments, that’s why we are going to answer the question that brings you here, does pineapple juice help with wisdom teeth recovery?

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Does pineapple juice help with wisdom teeth recovery?

This trend became popular because one user of TikTok drank 64 oz of pineapple juice before their extraction. After all, a friend recommended it to reduce swelling.

Afterward, she posts the results showing that the swelling had been reduced after drinking the pineapple juice. Subsequently, the trend has become popular with other users giving it a try. 

So, does pineapple juice help with wisdom teeth recovery? It can help because pineapple juice contains anti-inflammatory enzymes that can assist you to reduce swelling and pain.

However, there aren’t scientific tests to support this theory, so we always recommend following your dentist’s prescription to avoid future problems. 

That’s why we made a little list of wisdom teeth removal recovery tips from our dentists from Somos Dental Desert Sky, to speed up your recovery after a wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom teeth removal recovery tips

Always follow your dentist’s pain medication prescription

You may have to take antibiotics prescribed by your dentist to prevent infections. Also, depending on your ache tolerance, you can take some pain relievers, always supported by our doctor.

Bite down a gauze pad

Bite down a gauze pad to stop the bleeding in the extraction site, because this helps to form blood clots in the gums that are vital to your recovery.

Apply an ice pack on the jar and cheek

This helps to ease the swelling and pain after the surgery. To illustrate, place an ice pack on the side of the extraction for 15 to 20 minutes, then take the ice pack off and let your face rest for another 30 minutes before placing it again.

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