Pineapple Juice for wisdom teeth recovery, it really helps?

pineapple juice with pieces of raw pineapple to heal wisdom teeth

It is normal to have some discomfort after a wisdom teeth extraction, but there is a home remedy going viral on TikTok to help speed up the recovery, drinking pineapple juice! This dental procedure can be painful and uncomfortable due to the swelling and bleeding that occurs after the surgery. Usually, your dentist will prescribe […]

How long does it take to put braces on?

smiling excited blond young man with short haircut metal braces teeth wears yellow t shirt looks happy knowing how long does it take to put braces on

One of the main concerns, when our patients consider starting an orthodontic treatment, is How long does it take to put braces on? and how much does it cost to get braces? It’s completely normal to not know what to expect and have a lot of questions about it, but you can move forward with […]

Delicious food you can eat at Christmas with braces

christmas table served with turkey decorated with bright tinsel candles

Holidays are getting closer, if you start orthodontic treatment, surely you are wondering what foods you can eat at Christmas with braces. The most important thing about this holiday is to enjoy the time with your family and friends and why not? The delicious food on the table. So, it’s important to not separate yourself […]

What to eat during thanksgiving with braces?

thanksgiving braces dinner assortment on the table

If you’re wearing orthodontic treatment is normal to think you need to stop eating the meals and desserts you love, in particular, you’re wondering what to eat during thanksgiving with braces or if you can eat pumpkin pie with braces. Really, you’re going to be surprised to discover you can eat most of the delicious […]

Why do people get braces?

orthodontist placing rubber bands on male patient braces and understanding why do people wear braces

Probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you see someone with orthodontics is: why people get braces or why do people wear braces. Generally, our patients only know or care about the cosmetic benefits of orthodontics. But people who started orthodontic treatment were looking to correct a dental health problem. Braces are not […]

Best age to get braces for an overbite

If one of your loved ones has a bite out of place, surely you’re wondering the best age to get braces for an overbite? Overbite isn’t a cosmetic problem, in fact, it can cause health and psychological problems. Whit this in mind is recommendable to start orthodontic treatment as soon as possible.  But, before knowing […]

How long does it take to do a root canal?

mid adult patient receiving dental treatment and hearing how lod does it take to do a root canal

If you’re in need for endodontics, surely you’re wondering how long does it take to do a root canal. However, the time you’re going to sit in the dentist’s chair rely on the need of every patient.  Endodontics is a procedure that gets rid of damage by preserving your natural tooth, therefore, this is necessary […]

5 Reasons to get braces

shot of teeth with braces to explain the reasons to get braces

You’re going to be surprised to discover there are more medical than cosmetic reasons to get braces. In fact, 4 million people in America are unsatisfied with their mouths, and 45% are considering getting braces. Braces help you to improve oral health, as a result, your body will feel better, in addition to achieving a […]

At what age can kids get braces?

mid adult dentist with patient at dental clinic explaining at what age can kids get braces

If you have children, in particular, you may be thinking, at what age can kids get braces? or when should my child see an orthodontist?  In fact, 50 to 70% of American children and teenagers will need to wear braces before they become adults. Braces can help our children to achieve a beautiful smile, at […]

What can I eat after a root canal?

concept of delicious food with smoothie with different ingredients for what can i eat after a root canal

It’s normal to wonder, can I eat after a root canal? or what can I eat after a root canal?  It can be hard to know if you can enjoy your favorite snack, following a root canal treatment.  But don’t worry, there are mouthwatering options so that you can stop wondering what to eat after […]