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When you’re starting orthodontic treatment, it is common to ask, what are braces made of?

To illustrate, braces can be made of different materials, but, they are commonly made of nickel, chromium, and titanium alloys. 

For instance, sometimes precious metals employed in the making of orthodontics, such as gold and sapphire. 

This leads us to answer the following question, what metal are braces made of?

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What metal are braces made of?

In particular, orthodontics can be made of many different kinds of metal, as well as, combined with a mixture known as an alloy.

Furthermore, all metal brackets alloys should be made for corrosion resistance and biocompatibility.

So that they don’t cause irritation of the lips, gums, and mouth, however, some discomfort is normal at the beginning of treatment.

In fact, the most effective metal orthodontics are made of titanium alloys, in addition to a small amount of nickel and chromium.

Now, that you know what are braces made of, maybe you’re thinking about how they work.

How does orthodontics work?

Specifically, metal braces are made with two main components:

  • Brackets
  • Archwires

Usually, brackets and wires are made from the same material.

Above all, they need to be flexible metals, besides, be hard enough to pull the teeth with the appropriate amount of force.

In the same way, along with rubber bands, apply the proper amount of pressure to straighten the teeth.

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